I am not, but want to be.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
- Winston Churchill

  1. Be authentic. Be true to yourself.
  2. Care about people.
  3. Make others feel good.
  4. Be honest and take ownership of your actions.
  5. Smile often
  6. Respect elders. Respect minors. Respect everyone.
  7. Address people by their name.
  8. Say “Please” and “Thank you.”
  9. Excel at what you do.
  10. Help others when you’re able.
  11. Put a small personal touch on everything you do.
  12. Over-deliver on all of your promises.
  13. Get organized.
  14. Do your research and ask clarifying questions.
  15. Share knowledge and information with others.
  16. Be positive and focus on what’s right.
  17. Listen intently to what others have to say.
  18. Be faithful to your significant other.
  19. Learn to appreciate and love Mother Nature.
  20. Invest time, energy and money in yourself every day.
  21. Perform random acts of kindness on a regular basis.
  22. Compliment people who deserve it.
  23. Speak clearly and make eye contact.
  24. Make yourself available and approachable.
  25. Be self-sufficient.
  26. Exploit the resources you do have access to.
  27. Be a part of something you believe in.
  28. Stand up for your beliefs without flaunting them.
I have fallen in love with this list.
It will take a lot of effort and focus, but I love these kind of people and want to be loved by people. Who doesn't?

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