Annual Halloween Party, field trips, and thoughts

Annual Nord Halloween Party...on the Walker side was last night.
It was a blast seeing the crazy creative costumes people came up with. Some had me in tears.
Uncle Chuck dressed up as Chaz Bono. Identical twins. Oh my I wish I had a picture. If you don't know who he(she) is, you have to check it out. I'll get ahold of a picture and place them side by side. Killer. Even funnier when you know Chuck.

We went as a windblown couple.
An old friend did it and we thought it was a fun, cheap idea.
Please notice the newspaper on my right leg. It looked very real. We were just facing the wrong way. :p

Me and Z have been having fun lately. We went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze the other day. His little sister was just born a couple of weeks ago, and it's definitely showing in his personality. His new favorite word is "NO". He likes to scream to get attention. He pushes me when I get to the door in the morning. He kisses and hugs me all day long and is such a sweetie, but once mommy is around, I seem like a bad guy. It makes me sad, but everything I've learned says that's true with all kids that age. It's good practice for being a mommy and will help me for when we have kids to know that if our kids say no or push the babysitter, it doesn't mean she is a bad babysitter.

I got to babysit Rosa Saturday night. Rosa was from the daycare. I have missed her SO much. We made masks. I'm excited to babysit her again. Hopefully D can come with me next time so we can spend Saturday night together. I need opinions... is it ok to ask if "my husband can babysit with me?" It's kinda weird from going to boys being a total no no when babysitting, to it being a given that the man in your life should babysit with you.

Life is still as busy as can be. I'm still working full time and Derek is still doing school full time. When we end our school and work days, there is usually something else to run off to. We enjoy our occasional relaxing nights together, but also love our time with family and good friends.

Every time I'm with family or friends, I am reminded of how important they are in my life. I also have been especially grateful for true friends in my life lately. The more life I experience, the more I recognize who my true friends are, and I'm so grateful for them. Thank you, friends.

Hope you are all happy bloggers,

P.S. When you are feeling down, what is your go-to to help you feel better?
I think mine is piano. I am always tempted to write in my journal, but I resist cause I don't tend to write positive things when I'm feeling that way.


  1. love the costumes, such a cute and unique idea!

  2. In answr to your last question, I go to a gooood book. :) I get so involved in the story that by the time I stop reading I'm able to look at things more objectively and less emotionally.
    By the way, I think your costumes are so cute!
    And as to the babysitting deal, it really depends on the personality of the parents. I used to nanny for a lady who didn't mind whenever I asked if Chris could come along; in her words, because "Mormon men are pretty trustworthy, and if he's yours he's bound to be!" (she's not a member) heheheh :). But if the parents seem to be high maintenance on their children's behalf, I've also learned the hard way that it's best not to ask.
    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and knowing that things are going well for you two! :)

  3. Wind blown couple?
    Absolute genius. and HILARIOUS.

  4. mands. that is so funny and creative. i don't know how you did it but i might be calling for ideas this weekend :)

  5. I always ask if my husband can come with me! Then it's up to what the parents feel comfortable with. It's always worth a shot!

    P.S. LOVE your Halloween costume! Very creative!


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