Everyone could use em'

Everyone could use a little prayer or two.
And a hug.
There is always much more going on in people's lives than the world sees.
Pray for someone, and hug them if you see them.
Even if it's awkward.
I dare ya.

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  1. So I read this post when you first posted it, was going to comment, but I was in a hurry and...[sorry] sorta forgot. Okay I forgot. =] But then I went back to your blog just barely and saw these words under this post: "0 LOVE NOTES." SOOOOOOO not okay!! Haha So here is my Love Note! I think you two are fantastic. I love blog stalking you and seeing where life is taking you and I'm so glad we are SOTW "cousins!" =] Hope everything is going swell, love you!


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