The PC

We be headin' to Park City for the holiday weekend!
We're SO stoked. We're going to be adventurous, outdoorsy, play speed, snuggle, and finally celebrate our anniversary!

I have felt very lost and confused lately. To the point of tears. Confusion tears, maybe...PMS tears, probably. I felt like I was praying for answers but wasn't receiving any. I decided to just go for it. I quit my job with no back up. But after quitting I felt sick. So I un-quit. I then was presented with a nannying job that is less hours each week, but I will be making quite a bit more...and the 2 year old kiddo is DARLING! So I requit my job, and I'm so excited to be Zander's best friend. Prepare for picture overload of this kid. My job still loves me and was so understanding.

A possible announcement coming soon. We're too excited. Nervous, but excited!


  1. Am I going to be a GRANDMA??? JK I know what it is :)

  2. I know this announcement will have nothing to do with me being an aunt but I am ever so excited for this announcement!

  3. are you moving by chance? thats my guess!!

  4. I LOVED nannying, I wish I could do it again! I'm happy for you! :D

  5. You've definitely peaked my interest!?!

  6. I'm glad you found a new wonderful job to love! sometimes it just feels good to change things up and do something new:) Zander is such a cute name too!


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