Fishin' and such

I apologize I have been so absent.
I haven't been myself, but I think I'm back!

So Friday was officially my last day at the daycare. I was so super sad to say bye to the babies, but it was good end. There was thunder and rain so we were stuck inside, which means I got lots of hugs and kisses from my babaroos. They make me laugh like crazy. I miss them lots, but nannying has been a blast so far. Zander is a little cutie. We went to the zoo today and saw the rawr rawr's.

We are staying pretty busy. There is always something going on after work. Monday we met my grandpa and took him to the airport. Today I had to go pick my sick hubby up from the doctor. Poor guy has pneumonia. But we're excited for him to feel better!

We went fishing yesterday with my daddio and 10 yr old brother. It was a blast. We can't wait to go again. We woke up at about 5:30 to meet them by 6:30...we were late, of course, so we missed the best fishing.

Everyone caught a few fish, except for me. But I'm determined to catch some next time we go. Derek was a master. He caught two, and they were gigantic.

Yes, that's a beard. It's now gone. I can only handle the facial hair for so long, even though he is a total hottie with it.

Last Saturday we watched the BYU - Utah football game at the Walkers. Rough game, so the most exciting part was definitely the sunset from their balcony.

If only this picture did it justice....
All pictures come from my phone. It does a pretty good job, but I need to carry my camera more often.

That announcement that you've all been asking about, emailing about, and so anxiously and patiently been awaiting.... I'm sorry but there have been some complications. It's coming, I promise!

Ok I'll be honest, it's probably not nearly as exciting as you're all thinking. So to not let you down too much, I'll tell you to not be too excited. But it is exciting. But maybe not what you're thinking, but maybe it is, or probably not. We'll stick with probably.

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  1. I love fishing! at least Derek caught two for you not catching one one:) Can't wait to hear the news...I am thinking I am pretty sure I know what it is:) love you!


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