Once upon a time 2 young soccer mates fell in love...

I love looking through pictures of Derek when he was little. He is seriously the cutest. I hope our precious little babies look just like him. I don't have any scanned pictures of me when I was little... (hint hint....mom :p), but I can tell you our babies will most likely be...

The sweetest and nicest siblings to each other. (Actually, I don't think any kid in the history of kids was as sweet and tender and Derek. His parents have never heard him get upset. Really guys, he couldn't be more perfect)
They will be great business men/business women....or maybe they will decide to get baptized...or maybe they will be great florists...or soldiers? (Notice the cute clenched fists)
You are free to interpret the photos as your please.

They will know how to relax and look cool doing so.

They may grow up to be the US President, be fashionistas, or just be really darn cute.

They will most likely have blonde hair when they are youngins, which will later turn brown. There is a slight chance of red headers.

They will most likely have blue eyes... Derek's eyes are as blue as they come, and I have one green and one blue. Therefore, 3 blue eyes, and one green eye, will most likely result in 3 blue eyes on each child. Jk. But Derek's parents are both brown and mine are both green. So a chance of brown?

They will most likely be cowboys/cowgirls and the cutest ones around

They'll have the cutest smiles.

They'll be bald and asian? Jk again. They will be the cutest little newborn y'all'll (you all will) see.

Our children will most likely have olive skin that gets muchas tan.
We can pray that they are better at taking care of their skin than their parentals.

We had just returned from Yellowstone camping for 3 days, no shower, lots of sun, and cool matching shirts.
We look....not white. Our arms tend to be a different ethnicity than our faces.

My sissa flippa did a post about babies...be prepared to be baby hungry.
And about how we don't have babies yet
and it makes her sad
but I promise
they will come
when they time is right
and I can't wait!
I'm baby hungry.
Can ya tell?


  1. what cute shirts! in the most not weird way possible, your husband is adorable! but you make him that much cuter being his wife!! you are super tan!! so cute.

  2. LOVE the pics mands....you guys are gonna have the cutest kids!! hope all is well!


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