Soldier Hallsted

This little (big) brother of mine has joined the National Guard. Every time I look at these pictures, I tear up and my heart is bursting with too many different emotions. I have done my best to hold all emotions back for everyone else's sake. When I first heard he was looking into it, I was scared. I wanted to talk him out of it. As he has gone through testing and swearing in, I have become more excited for him. He called me the morning after testing. He was so excited. He sounded like a little kid on Christmas morning. Hearing Breton talk like this made me so happy that he is so happy and is doing something he loves. I asked him, "Are you scared at all?" his answer was, "No, because if I die, at least I died doing good and serving my country." Seriously? That's way too mature of an answer for a barely 18 year old. That's a true hero right there. Man do I love this boy. He leaves July 31st, returns in December, and what a happy holiday it will be!

We love you and are so proud of you BROTHER

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  1. Ahhh!!!! This is so scary!!! I would have never thought he would do this! So proud!!!


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