Gratitude Rocks, etc.

Good day,
This is Derek here. It has been a while since I last posted. I hope everyone is doing well. My dear sweet wife has been doing a great job at posting. Isn't she just the cutest blogger?

Anyways, my new goal is to become a better person because I truly want to. Not because God wants me to or because other people want me to... But because I want to. I hope this makes sense to everyone.

In an effort to accomplish this feat, I have adopted the method of "Gratitude rock." Amanda, my family, my two priests, and my bishop (and Brynn...?) have all joined me in this effort. I keep a small rock (from Waterton Lakes, Alberta) in my pocket at all times. Every time I see it or feel it, I think of something new that I am grateful for. It can be anything. Sometimes I am grateful that traffic is moving smoothly or that my teacher was a little bit lenient on one of my quiz questions and gave me full credit. The point is, when we recognize the good things in our lives, more good things will enter our lives. Amanda and I have noticed that we both feel happier and that our lives have just been better overall since beginning this.

I invite any and all of you to join us in the gratitude rock adventure! let us know how it goes!

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  1. very very cool! I'm joining you! Although...I might have to search for some non-stretchy pants to wear that have pockets in them;) Post baby pants need to be comfy. haha


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