I want to...

I've caught myself saying this a lot lately.

I want to work up to running a 5k...check!
I ran 3.6 miles the other day. This is a HUGE deal. I have hated running my whole life. I have learned to enjoy it and I'm so so happy! I am signed up for a 5k this saturday! I am praying to keep motivation to work up to a half marathon.

I want to learn the Ukulele...check!
Kind of... I'm still working on it! There is always room for improvement!

I want to learn to make beautiful, fun fondant cakes....
This is something I've always wanted to do. I want to be able to make cute cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridal and baby showers, etc. I can't wait to start learning! If we have one more cooking utensil in our little apt, our apt will explode. So hopefully our next place will have a little more room.

This was our wedding cake that my family's neighbor made. I'm obsessed with it. I hope I can be as talented as this someday!

When I get something on my mind, I can't stop thinking about it. It drives me crazy sometimes. But I've accomplished some big goals because of it. A 5k and the ukulele seem small I know, but they are things I've always wanted to do and it has taken me until I'm 21 to do it!

Random note: One week until I graduate forever. Holy Cow. I still can't believe it!


  1. Amanda, You are awesome! I too want to run a 5k I just want to learn to love running! My plan to start once it cools down. I also want to be able to crochet...I am always on etsy looking at all the cute hats and stuff that people crochet and wish i could do it!

  2. I love all your goals.. and I want to learn how to change my blog. I don't know how to make the title cute or make my blog any kind of cool. I turn to you cuz yours is one of my faves. Please help me. I'm feelin desperate.


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