Carter + Derek's Wardrobe

I get to babysit this monkey this week. I am so excited. He is so handsome and sweet.
I just happened to have work off and it's my last week of school, so we get to just play and study together for a few hours everyday.

Now onto things that aren't quite as cute, but are quite entertaining.
I was organizing Derek's clothes so they fit in the drawer better. I thought I should share some of his apparel with you all.

Number 1

Shirt from DI. Interpret at your own will. We aren't quite sure what it means, but I have a hard time letting him out in this. SLC may not appreciate it too much, and I want him to live.

Number 2
Some say it's creepy, some say cool. He has no special spot in his heart for Brazil. Or clocks and eyeballs for that matter. I guess it's a band. Who knows.

Number 3
Those who have seen Derek's new obsession for baseball will appreciate this. He played lacrosse in HS. I have never seen him watch a lacrosse game, but I did hear him say how he hated baseball the first 9 months of our marriage. Since a baseball game with his Dad a few months ago, he has literally talked about it and watched a game every day. Needless to say, I haven't seen him wear this shirt since. Jk, he didn't wear it much before anyways.

Number 4
Probably my favorite. Scary, but cute as a button. OK, I take that back. Probably just scary. Why? I don't know. Who? No clue. I just smile and nod when people look at it or ask him about it.

Hope you are all happy and enjoying your summer. We are! We are almost to counting minutes until our cruise. I'm itching with excitement!


  1. There's no way that you get to babysit Carter!!!! I love him. I've only held him for a brief time and I am super jealous!!! give him 5 kisses for me!

  2. So fun! I must say I love cuddling with my Brecken and never want him to get any bigger! You will have so much fun on your cruise:) I will be in Utah the week of August 7th I am hoping you will be back by then:) Love you!


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