Random tidbits from my thinker

I am in nursery and love those kids.
Old leaders were released and new leaders have joined and keep getting the kids in trouble.
It's makes my heart saddened.
Even I got in trouble today! I snuck a cracker to a girl after she got up from snack. I told her to go hide in the corner and eat away. I told her that she was a special, so she gets another one. The other leader caught us and told us to stop breaking the rules.

Here is Lawson, the one who gets taken out. He is my favorite, so I try to hide him and sneak away from the mean teachers.

We have a recent love for Harry Potter.
He is now a part of our lives everyday, whether we are casting spells on each other, or watching him and his friends do the casting. We love it.

I graduate in 3 days...forever. It hasn't hit me. It won't hit me for a while I don't think.

My brother leaves for boot camp in 2 hours. We are so proud of him.

I cut my hair even shorter and went blonder. Love it, but feel a little self conscious about the blonde. I love it more and more every day though.

We leave on our cruise Thursday morning. It has come so fast! It's been a bit of a distraction with school, so we just gotta make it through these last few days! Then it's party time!

My Walmart sunglasses of about 4 months broke yesterday.

I am really into sewing lately. I have modestified 3 dresses for the cruise and for church, made a white tube top to go under v-neck swimming suits for modestification as well, and found some weird swimming suit bottom + skirt thing and made them not weird. I LOVE sewing. I can't wait to have a sewing machine of my own someday.

It's the sabbath. Today has consisted of sleeping in, church, school, then I will go interpret for another ward, then we will continue doing school, then cook a yummy meal (squash, rolls, chicken/fish, salad, and whatever else we need to get rid of before the trip), then we will do a little more school, then relax along with some Harry Potter most likely. Maybe we'll squeeze a walk in when it's not so hot outside. We enjoy sundays that don't include school. We just need to cram for finals, and want to try to finish our classes up early.

Happy Sabbath to you all. xoxo


  1. I want a picture of the BLOND-ER you! I'm sure you will get some HOT ones on the cruise;) Can't wait to see them. Congrats on being done with school & enjoy your vacation that you deserve...school is such HARD WORK!

    PS. I hate mean nursery leaders! Don't they know those kids are just babies still!

  2. That is so funny that you got in trouble in nursery!! I try to sneak Eli in sometimes (he has three more months) and they get mad at me too!! ha ha

  3. Congrats on being done with school! The U is the best, that's so cool that you are graduating from there. Both my hubby and I will graduate from the U too!

  4. Your life is so exciting!! graduate then live it up! PS I love the blonde! No more being self-conscious!!


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