I ADORE this girl.
She was given the nickname bootchie long ago. Not sure why or where. Probably my dad. He has come up with some wild ones. And we LOVE them. :)

Tonight, she prepared a pedicure for me.
Preparation was at least an hour. She drew pictures and labels for all of the scents and smells. She heated water. She made sure that it felt good every minute. I cried when no one was looking. She is so loving. I was being served as we were watching videos about what my brother will be doing in the military when he leaves next week. This was partial to my tears.

I couldn't help but think about how too often we worry about the little things in life. We often fail to remember that there is so much more to life. There is a God who has created this incredible world. We have families who we get to be with forever. They are our best friends. We should do everything we can to love them and make sure they know we love them with no question. I want to be better to live every moment like it's my last with these special people in my life.

BOOTCHIE is sleeping over with us tonight in Salt Lake. I was so excited. I don't have work tomorrow so we get to spend the morning just us. We will make a yummy breakfast, go to the park and exercise followed by feeding the ducks in the lake. Then maybe we will come back and watch a chick flick and drink homemade fruit smoothies and do hair and nails. Not quite sure what is to follow yet. Maybe peak through some antique shops down the block. Can't wait.

LOVE HER. LOVE all of my sisters. They are all practically women now. I can't even believe how old they are. My other sister who is almost 16 called me telling me something tonight. So small, but so special to me. Especially since I just saw them. I can't get enough of my cute sisters. All so humble, fun, beautiful, and can talk like you wouldn't believe. ;)

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