Derek took his GMAT today. For those who know Derek, you know he is the most easy going and patient person to walk to planet...probably. Well he was feeling a little overwhelmed after being at a testing center for 6 hours, he was starving, and plans were complicated. Poor guy. He acts the slightest stressed, and I am so worried about him and keep asking what's wrong, why are you so stressed, something's wrong.

Yeah, what kind of person does that, especially when they are the queen of being stressed and feeling anxious when things aren't going perfectly smooth! Me? Oops! I was just thinking about this tonight. Ok I made myself sound like a psycho. I'm not really. But I get stressed out way more often than Derek, and he is the most soothing person ever. Like tonight for example. I was stressing over my online test I was taking, he was bringing me water, scratching my back, bringing me dinner, and treating me like a queen. What a sweetie.

So I was thinking about how to respond to someone feeling stressed. Maybe I should try soothing statements, such as: "Everything will work out. You don't worry about it, I'll get this figured out and we'll get you food as fast as possible." Etc. Right? I will be better next time.
I promise.

I married the greatest thing to walk the Earth.
Incredible, I tell you. Incredible.

Also, have you seen his body lately? He has been so faithful to the school gym. He is huge! So buff. He is so attractive.

TMI? TB (too bad!)

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