Sorries and mushies

Dear Blogetha,

I am truly sorry I have been neglecting you. I think about you often and visit your friends often. I blame school. I am learning about neglect in my family violence class that steals me 4 hours every day. I recognize I have been abusing you by neglecting you. I will be back on an almost daily basis soon enough. Just be patient. I miss you.

Love, Mom

P.S. I love your daddy so much.

Oh yeah, I cut my hair and threw in some more blonde.

We emergency babysat this cutie and his 2 brothers all weekend.
I love them so much.
It made school a bit difficult and it was also neglected, but we are trying to catch up now.

Yes I ignored the, "Don't cut it!" comments.
I am so sorry. I promise I value your opinions so much.
The hubsters has been wanting me to go short and blonde for a while now. So I did it, and I'm so glad I did. I'm enjoying short hair, even if the long looks better on me.
My next hair will be a bit blonder. (It's not as blonde in person as it looks in this pic)
I have gotten a lot of, "You look like a mom and like you should have a baby in your tummy", "you look older", and "I liked your last hair cut better"
and I surprisingly have loved the comments!
Why? I'm not sure cause I wasn't going for the "mom" look at age almost 21.
Hair is fun. I used to be one of those "I have never colored my hair and am proud of it" girls. Never again. I love coloring and changing hair styles!

Our anniversary is Saturday and we are CRAZY in love.
I never thought I'd feel more like a princess than I have this last year.
I respect him more than anyone in the world.
Love is such a beautiful thing isn't it?
I have tears when I think about it and my heart feels like it's bursting.


  1. You are a romantic! and its great that you named your first child Blogetha... I think that it is... original. But seriously you are a doll. I remember teaching those darlings swim lessons last year. are they still taking them this summer? What the Anniversary!?? You are so old. I love your hair and Austin wants me to go short for a while too... Should I give head to his wants or should I not? it's a toughy!!! Love you!

  2. I love your hair! I think it's really cute on you.

  3. Love the hair and Love you! Happy Anniversary! I can't believe its been a year:)


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