Oopsey daisy!

Oopsey Daisy just emailed me!!!

Click on oopsey daisy above and check out Alison's cute craft blog. I love it.
I don't usually comment on 'famous' blogger's blogs (which i should more cause everyone loves comments) but I commented, and a big surprise just popped up in my email.

From: Alison @ Oopsey Daisy
To: Me

"Okay, I am saving your comment as one of my all-time-favorite comments EVER! You completely echo everything I feel. I never thought I would be crafty either, but somehow it just happens in an effort to just want to make a beautiful life for my family. Thanks a million for your kind comments and support!! You're the best! Enjoy your week! ~ Alison"

Now you're probably all curious as to what I said that was so flattering. Well...Alison must just be super sweet cause my simple comment is as follows:

"CUTE! I love this post. I never thought I would be crafty, domestic, or so sentimental, but i dream of crafts, having a garden, and a home to make cute. School still takes over our lives, and no kiddos yet, but I can't wait. I LOVE your blog. Thanks for inspiring me. :) Happy Sabbath!"

Freak out right?! I love her blog and am flattered by such a sweet reply.


  1. that's so cool mands! I love following craft blogs..people are so talented!!

  2. I love reading your blog! You are hilarious. Keep up all the good work with school and taking care of my cousin. We should go on a double date next time Jordan and I are in Utah.


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