Anniversary etc.

Our anniversary morning, we woke up to our doorbell ringing over and over again at about 6...
Poor Derek thought I was having something cute delivered :p
Pipes in the front lawn broke and were pouring through the wall.
Oh the joys of managing...
We would take this any day over other incidents though.

We are both so busy with school that we haven't been able to think much about Anniversary plans other than we just wanted to be together. And it turned out perfect.

Picture of sandbagging to protect the basement apartment.

A video of my cute husband sandbagging the flooding.

**Video is at the end of this post...it was being stubborn.**

While Derek was finishing up with the flooding outside, I secretly made a candlelit breakfast inside. While we ate, we made a list of memories to go inside a time capsule. It was so fun to reminisce!

After breakfast we headed to the U of U gym. We have been very loyal customers. We have weekly weigh ins and have a fitness goal for the cruise in August with the Walkers. It's been such a blast doing it together!

We spent the majority of the day studying. I was trying to cram the rest of my school work in before dinner so I didn't have to come home and study (still had to do school after dinner until after midnight...boo...my poor husband). To help me out before dinner, sweet Derek offered to do the grocery shopping. An hour later, he arrives home, we throw on fancy clothes for dinner, and Derek pulls up the car. Minutes after he leaves to get the car, there is a ring at the door. I thought it would be a managing problem. I open the door and Derek is at the door with flowers in hand. Mmmm it was the cutest!!

Then we were off to my favorite restaurant....Tucanos. I had my free birthday meal card which was totally awesome. After dinner, we walked around the mall popping in and out of stores like we love to do. We watched the fountains, and just had such a relaxing evening! It was so perfect.

Pictured below is the card Derek's mother made for us. Haha! Yes, that's a knife. She's so great. I seriously have the greatest in-laws. This was a picture taken up at the Walker's just after we were married. Is this true love or what?

Derek's little sister Mckenna made this cake. She is so darling! Maybe a little special too...she thinks there is 375 days in a year ;) **inside joke...so you don't just think I'm a meanie**

Here are some more pictures from babysitting.
He is going to be the cutest daddy ever! Seeing him with these kiddos made me wants kids so bad.

A foot rub?! Yeah, seriously guys, this man is a rock star. He is going to be embarrassed by all of these mushy comments, but seriously, he is such a stud.

This is my hair chopping buddy, AKA my sister, AKA brynn, AKA check out her most darling and inspiring blog HERE. She cut off over a foot! Isn't she the cutest?! And yes, that is the sweetest Jedi braid you'll ever see. She's a doll.

Overwhelmed with pictures yet? Ok last one. Another babysitting picture. Also my hair before the cut. This picture does make me miss my hair.


  1. Anonymous6/14/2011

    You two are so cute! And you seem so happy :) It is good your hubby treats you well because you deserve it! congrats on your Anniversary! Time goes by fast huh? Your hair is so so cute by the way I love it!

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE ITS BEEN A YEAR! you guys are the cutest! your haiirrrr...i love it! i think i can kinda see it in the gateway pic. anyways. i think your husband is adorable and so are you!

  3. 375 days threw me off for a sec, I was like...did she make the cake 10 days after the anniversary..? But it was way cute, and it sounded like such a good day and way to celebrate. And I'm diggin' your hair, way cute.

  4. OH... This is precious. You are darling and I can't believe that it's been a year but that's hot :) ho ho ho I am glad that your anniversary was eventful and really....it sounds perfect. So cute. Um your comment about your gratitude thing... Makes me blush. You are adorable and I am soooo happy that we are friendies. I wish that we were a little bit closer to each other. Like maybe on the same side of the country. Miss ya!

  5. I cannot believe it has been a year already!! It flew by! I love you two. So freaking adorable.


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