Up Up and Away!

After a short productive break from school...
we finally just played and spent time together.
Last night we played catch phrase.
We laughed...
and laughed...
and laughed...

We also sat on photo booth for quite a while.

Funny story that we so wish we had recorded...
Since there was only two of us, we would just see how many we could get together in 2 minutes. And we could use actions. So Derek was describing "up up and away". He motioned his pointer finger pointing at the ceiling in a circle three times, each circle higher than the other. I immediately knew what it was! Seriously?! It was crazy. We laughed so hard.
We think so much alike. It's nuts.

To finish off the night, we fell asleep to Megamind. We love it. It's hilarious.

(I found this awesome $4 shoe rack at DI that I'll have to get a picture of and show you. It's cute, and so perfect for our humble apartment.)


  1. I am so glad you love Megamind! Its the best ever. I was starting to think I was weird because I liked it so much! Ok maybe you are just weird too.

  2. you guys are so adorable!! I love this post! mands...can we be blog friends now?!

  3. Cute! I love these pics of you guys...why do you have to be such a dreamy couple??


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