He is living a lie!

I married the funniest man alive!
Derek and I thought it would be fun to take some classes together this summer.
The courses we chose are as follows...
- Introduction to music theory online
- Meditation and Stress online

AKA...the easiest classes in the world...or so we thought.
It's our first day of school. Our music theory class doesn't even exist on our blackboard, and meditation and stress is apparently a 5000 level course and the most confusing and time consuming class ever. We started today with doing the famous introduction on the discussion board. The teacher asks questions, and we post the answers. Mine was simple and to the point. I just went in to read Derek's.

***I dare you to read this and see how many lies you can find...
(His name being Rob isn't a lie. Derek is his middle name.)

I know that may be confusing without seeing the questions.
Let's review how nonsense this intro is...

1. We don't own a dog.
2. He is the least stressed out person I know.
3. He has never worked at Taco Bell in his life!

I laughed so hard.

No one will ever know we're married. We're gonna rock this class.

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  1. Ha Amanda this post is HILARIOUS! I hope that I get lucky and marry someone funny :) lol I love you guys so much!!


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