I've become one of THEM

Yes, I've become one of THEM. (Those really bad bloggers)
But, I'm back. We're alive!
Life has been great. Derek is out of town on business in Ohio. Actually who knows where he's at! Last time he left I was telling everyone he was in Indiana, then he came back and was telling me all about Michigan. Yeah, what? Actually I don't remember for sure if those were the states. Ask D if you're dying to know. But you get the idea. But really he is in Ohio this time. If anything changes I'll let you know.
We are LOVING our week and a half break from classes.
During this week, THIS happened.
It felt like a dream!!
I honestly never thought that day would come.
I have always wondered if I really would graduate someday.
Well ladies and gentlemen, it's all coming true...
After 19 credits this summer that is.
I am so proud of myself. Learning to study has been so hard for me. I have never in my life had good study habits. I was living proof that ADD is real. But I'm figuring it out. I've worked my tail off to learn these habits. I'm still bad at it, but it's a world's difference. I have so much more confidence in myself after this last semester.
My best friend and cousin got married in AZ. I went. It was SO lovely. I love her like crazy.

We are still loving have this guy home.
(The necklace I'm showing is one he gave me as a wedding gift! He's SO sweet)

The video below of this little boy is DARLING.
His laugh makes me laugh harder than any other laugh.
Zach is the one that makes me want a baby...BAD.
Seriously, after leaving that boy every day, I have to talk myself out of wanting a baby.
I could eat him.

**And obviously the video didn't work. I'll try another time cause you HAVE to see his giggle.**

Have you ever loved someone so much that your heart hurts? My heart aches for this man. I can't wait to have him home. I'm dreading going to bed tonight without him.


  1. Yay! Amanda I love that you are alive again...I mean. ha Amanda I am SO sad that I couldn't be there for your graduation! but I want to let you know how truly proud I am of you! I know that you have worked so hard! I was so happy that I got to see you at the wedding! I cant wait to write you :) And yes I know exactly what you mean about your whole heart hurting thing..mine definitely hurts right now. I miss him so bad. I love you amanda! Your'e incredible!!

  2. Oh Mands. you are the best. I'm so proud of you! I think my grad day will be in maybe 2 1/2 years... booooo! Way to do college in High School. Looks like it was SOOOO worth it! Way to go! I hope you are doing so great and I am excited for your man to be back into your loving embrace. Cute. Miss you.

  3. So in love :) I love it. And congratulations! Graduating is huge (ahem, after this summa, but, same difference.)
    PS, you loook great at your cousin's weddding


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