Secret word...secret word...secret word...

We are taking an online meditation and stress course.
The teacher has no organization to the course.
This class has caused us so much stress.
We are starting to get things figured out now though.
So we tried meditating tonight.
a burning candle
sandal wood incense cone
lights off
windows open to hear the rain
and our chosen Hebrew word
and again
and again

(The Hebrew word of our choice is the secret word. We each have our own. Our textbook told us we can't share it with people or say it in situations other than meditating, because it throws off the relaxation and meaning to it during meditation.)
Now you're dying to know what it is huh?
It's 'history textbook'.
Jk, that's the most stressful word ever.
Ok it's...
Jk, still not gonna tell ya!

Once we read that we should treat it like it's sacred, we were a little concerned.
The book clarifies this is in no way religious.

This was HEAVEN.
I feel so at peace and relaxed.
I've always thought meditating was for crazies.
We must be crazy. Because this will be part of our relationship the rest of our lives.

We highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

cutie :)
xoxo, D&A


  1. Lindsey Newman5/31/2011

    Wow! I feel like I could definitely use some nice meditation and secret words in my life. What a great idea! Kind of ironic that a relaxation class can be stressful though :) Maybe the instructor should rethink the ole strategies!

  2. Meditation huh? Interesting.... Haha, maybe the instructor is testing your abilities to apply the material and de-stress? Some instructors have crazy methods!

    You two are awesome!


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