Hey batta batta swing!

We have been able to find some time for fun and relaxation in between studying.
We finally went to a Bee's game the other night!
We LOVED it.

We are way cheap-o and frugal, so we talked ourselves into being adventurous and buying one hot dog to share.
We had to promise ourselves that when we got down there, we would buy it, even if it was $3.
Well turns out they are $1 on Wednesdays! Partay!
So we went wild and bought 2.

It was so nice to be able to talk about anything and everything other than school and laugh and just enjoy each others company without any other disctractions. We had a whole section practically to ourselves.


My 4 youngest siblings had their first and final dance recital last night.
They were so awesome! My cheeks hurt I was smiling so big. No joke.

My sibilings and Derek's sister all had choir concerts last night.
Derek had class and I had to rush home to get a paper done by midnight.
I literally got my paper done within minutes of the deadline.
Story of my life.
We were sad we couldn't watch any of them. Breton is in chamber choir (the cool choir of the school that every choir student wants to be in...that I didn't make...long excuse that I was given and still don't get...yup, still bitter :p) and it was his last concert ever.
We both have brothers graduating high school! It's so fun. We both feel like we just graduated high school yesterday! Anyone else feel this way? I really am starting to feel old.

We were able to go to the BYU rugby national championship game. It was a blast. I loved watching rugby again. It's been too long!

Sorry about the blurry pic.

We have really enjoyed taking online classes together. It makes school a lot more manageable.

We can't wait for the long weekend.
Enjoy your memorial day weekend!

PS...my favorite thing in the entire world is when Derek laughs really hard. His eyes squint, his smile is bigger than ever, and you only hear an almost silent laugh with a gasp for air every few seconds. LOVE.

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  1. I LOVE that you guys got to buy 2 HOTDOGS!!!!!!! That is so thriller. Seriously we are cheap-os too and THAT got me excited for you... what the perfect $1 wednesdays? Bliss. Love. You guys have so much fun together and its DARLING to witness. via blog. Never stop. Please? Love you Mands


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