My accent

Others: Where are you from?
Me: I am from Utah.
Others: No way. Really? You sound like your from somewhere else, but I can't pin point it.
Me: Arizona?
Others: No, it's kinda of like a Wisconson, Utah, tiny bit of southern accent.

Yeah, what?!
I grew up in AZ and later moved to Utah.
Maybe I have.....a speech impediment?
Eh, who knows.
It's usually people I don't know who notice it, plus my Dad.
Yes, my father thinks I have a Utah accent.
So does that mean I have a hick accent?

I find this lovely.
I dream of walking this trail someday,
a long thin stick in hand,
a gentle breeze,
just cool enough to wear a light sweater,
and the only other sound being the skinny branch I found along the trail ticking against the fence as I walk
for hours
and kiss horsies cute noses as I pass them by.
The next day I will be walking with my sweetheart in my hand as I excitedly show him the beautiful trail I found leading to an abandoned cottage.

What's that? Oh you mean to tell me that I should be studying for my finals right now instead of daydreaming?
I'll consider it.

Ama(strong almost nasally A)nda

Solution: From now on I will be speaking in a british accent. Then people will think I'm cool. Why is that?


  1. Try a British accent. That's always fun--then maybe people won't make fun of your Utah accent. True life: utahns DO have am accent. When I came out here for school, I was totally taken aback. Who knew?! Ex: go get the MEHL (instead of maaail)

  2. That path looks like such a fun "sunday afternoon walk" I really wanna go walk the path in Ireland that is in P.S. I love you. lol dont know if you know what Im talking about. But its pretty :)

  3. hey! You need to claim AZ as the place you are from!! :) Go Arizona pride. haha...I just miss you guys & wish you would move back

  4. ok thats it, you are absolutely adorable. Love your daydreaming, i kinda needed a taste of that walk today! ha

  5. Hawhaw!! Oh I love you sister!!


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