Nuff said

If you didn't see this at conference, you must watch HERE.
It's been an eventful few days.

Coming Soon...

*powdered sugar, yes powdered sugar potato soup
*it's official

Life is peachy.
If your peaches are rotten, go pick ripe ones and start again.
If you're like me, you need unlimited 'try again's'
I had an unproductive day, but will try again tomorrow while trying not to beat myself up over my rotten peaches 'yesterday'. My analogy may be out there, but it makes great sense in my mind since I'm the one that made it up.

Some hugs for you, 00000


  1. hehe amanda I absolutely love this post! K I could not stop laughing when I saw this happen at conference!! like really? haha I love you so much and your peaches analogy!

  2. hahahahahaha i totally saw that kid & he was just smack dab close up to the camera! i was laughing so hard. CUTE blog! did you get a new background or did i just never notice it? i LOVE it!


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