Hair help

I recently went in for a TRIM. This was my hair before the trim(it was a bit longer and my natural hair had blended into my grown out dye quite a bit so it was lighter)....
(I may or may not have chosen this picture cause I think it's hilarious and Derek is hot)

And this is my hair now. SHORT.

Tears, right? I was sad, but ok with it. It's just hair. I'm really starting to miss it though, but more so feeling like my hair is such a weird length and cut. I can't do anything with it. It looks longer in the picture than it feels.

Here's the dilemma. I'm tempted to just go short since it's already chopped like 7 inches anyways. What do you think? I would go shorter than in the picture below, but that just gives you an idea of what I look like with shorter hair. I'd go blonder for a bit maybe, then I want to do something fun like dark reddish brown, with blonde chunks coming from under the top layer on one side. Or just do reddish brown kinda like in the picture. Can you tell I'm bored with my hair? And I'm feeling old. Haha. I feel like I need to do something young with my hair(this is where the funky blonde chunks come into play). Or should I try to grown it out again? Way too many decisions I know. That's why I'm making you decide, and I'm really gonna do it.

Opinions and advice PLEASE. My hair is feeling too mature.

PS...i had to change 'Derek is sexy' to 'Derek is hot' because it would be marked as internet spam. I giggled.


  1. Oh that is my problem too! I have been trying to grow it out but I am cutting mine tomorrow. I just feel blah with the way it is right now. But can I say you are cute with short and long hair:) I say don't cut it short and do some highlights, this way it will be easier to grow it out long again:) But is you do end up cutting it short don't do highlights. I probably am not much help...lol I can't wait to see you soon!

  2. You should Google "Aniston bob" and look at her new "long bob" look. If you don't mind following Hollywood type trends, I hear shorter is the new "in". (Wow, it's too late at night and I'm using a lot of "" marks. LOL.) I think you have the same face shape as Ms. Aniston and would rock a haircut similar to hers. But I'm partial to short hair. I'm preparing to cut my long hair into something like the girl in the first two images of this article. Can't wait to see pics of the final outcome!

  3. Oh muggy I hate haircuts that I don't like, but you are always cute! It's so funny cuz even tho it's still Long, trims always do that short thing to long hair! That made no sense but anyways, adorable short air pic!!!!!! Do it! How fun!

  4. Hahahaha iso did not mean to write muggy...I'm on an iPad,not used to it!haha!

  5. I think you could go either way. Highlights would be cute, especially if you did a short cut. If you go short, I recommend doing it soon so it's short for summer. You can always grow it back out if you want, but it will take more patience than if you wait for it to grow out now. I know how crazy the length it's at now can drive you. It's too short to keep it in back like when it was long but it's not short enough to have just hang there perfectly like above the shoulder cuts. I'm excited to see what you do.

  6. wooah !!..go for it girl!! give it a lil blonderr to that wonderful hair!!
    i kno what ur feeling darling!!
    i get bored of my hair all the time!! hehe
    im always doin something to the poor thing haha

    last year i cut my hair shorter than u have in that pic...but not cuz i was bored ..it was ...an accident... i burn it with this hair product to straightening for like 6 months...i have very curly hair so i just wanted to give it a break from the straighter...so my hair is to thin and the product was way stronger n bang hahaha

    i cant wait too see a pic of the new shiny hair hehehe :)
    luv yooo

  7. I LOVE that they made you change "sexy" to "hot".. oh boy!!!


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