Which seat can I take? It's friday!

I just looked at our proposal video on youtube.
We have 4,694 views!!
Waaaaa?! Crazy. I never thought.
Maybe we'll catch up to Rebecca Black yo.

If you haven't seen her music video titled Friday, please watch here.
Next step: You HAVE to watch Conan Obrien's Thursday music video. HILARIOUS.

We had chili for lunch with the babies yesterday.
It's MESSY, just fyi, so they have to take off their clothes and it was oh so cute!

*sorry about the grainy pictures. My phone isn't the fanciest of cameras*

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. bahaha. I love that your proposal video has so many views! You two are the cutest, that's why. And I love your California pictures! I just bragged about you two to my roommates. Yep.

    P.S. I love that you found my study abroad blog before I told anyone about it.

  2. Kimeree Bates3/30/2011

    Umm...Who gives Chili to babies? Who? I mean really? REALLY? You are adorable and I miss you like Jelly misses Peanut Butter.

  3. Your proposal video is online?? Wasn't it in an airplane or something?? :) What is it called, I want to watch!


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