Bring Spreak

We had such a good time in San Clemente!
One of Derek's best friends from high school invited us to go and stay with his family.
The Richards are so great and so generous.

That break was VERY needed.
I feel so much happier after not doing any school all week.

Here is a picture overload for you filled with love.
Requested by Kait. :)
I have lots more on my phone that I'll upload later.

We are into researching the illuminati and a shadow government right now, so we put the all seeing eye in honor of our new interests.

Trey and his sister in law heather headin' out to surf.

I don't think we relaxed for a second. We were either building this, playing paddle ball, walking on the pier, or wrestling in the sand.

My seaweed whip.

Trey and Sara Richards. Cuties.

We didn't think to put on sunscreen one day cause it was cold and overcast and we had clothes on. The sun is very tricky.

I was trying to be artistic.

Hope you enjoyed.
We sure did :)


PS...my brother gets home from his mission in 2 weeks and 3 days!!!!


  1. I know right! It's nuts! He's almost home!

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  3. Amanda!! I LOVE this!! Yay I am SO glad that you took pictures. You two are seriously ADORABLE cute cute couple! I can't wait to be like you someday! hehe I love you Amanda! Glad that you had fun! p.s I CANT believe that Ammon is almost home!!!

  4. Amanda, I am so glad you two had fun! You totally deserved it! That is so crazy Ammon is coming home so soon...can't wait to see everyone, love you!

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  6. (There was a spelling error so I had to repost this :) Your pictures are adorable! Glad you had lots of fun! We were talking today about how long it has really been since Derek and Ammon have seen each other and the fact they were just kinda friends when D left. And now they are brother in laws! How weird that must be for Ammon! Maybe Derek too! Although Derek has experienced brother in laws for a while now so maybe not so weird to suddenly have another one around. I guess weirder would be if they had never even met each other!


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