Yes we have a child...wait what?

Tonight I went grocery shopping for like 2 hours.
We are set for the next year...maybe.
While checking out, the male cashier said...

"You are buying baby wipes. Do you have a kid?"
Before registering what he said,YES came out of my mouth.
He then asked, "How old are they?"

My thought process was this. 'Would it be easier to just say a number? OR explain that I don't have any children and why I was buying baby wipes.'

Well, before I had decided what I was going to say, out popped "Almost 2"
I grabbed my receipt and ran off before I had to lie 2x to cover up my terrible listening skills.

We'll pretend like this cutie is my "almost 2 year old".
I'd take her any day.


  1. Hahaha! thats so funny.

  2. Haha! I LOVE this story! I love ya Mando!


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