Plans always change

Amazing how one day you think you have your whole life planned out, then the next everything has changed. I thought I would be graduating this summer, then working as a full time Child Life Specialist at the Primary Children's Hospital.

Let me tell you a little story about tonight...
I'm starting my volunteering up at the Primary Children's Hospital every Saturday.
Tonight was the Orientation.
A Child Life Specialist came and spoke to us about what they do. I love the job. I want that as my career. A little piece of news she mentioned...
They are trying to get all of the Child Life Specialists to have a masters. There are only 3 full time specialists and 22 part time. Hundreds apply for the job. It's very competitive.

I have been thinking about getting a Masters Degree for quite a while. I haven't said much to anyone about it, cause people think that it's pointless for wives to get a masters degree when I should be a full time mom and only a mom someday. Well I do want to be a mom. I want to be a stay at home mom, that still has my hobbies. I still want to be my own person. Which is healthy for a family. Mothers are still their own person and should have their own thing that they still love to do.

Well I have found a Masters Program at UVU that I REALLY want to do. It's early childhood and education(no this is not elementary education). I could finish it in Spring of next year! It's seems almost unreal to me right now. It's such a perfect opportunity. It will open so many more doors for me in the world. Our question is...how are we supposed to afford two of us doing a Master's Program at the same time, full time, with me still volunteering at the hospital, and Derek and I being at 2 different schools that are more than an hour apart. We need to plant a money tree. That would solve all of our problems.

Another thing to throw in there....I still want to get my ASL Interpreting License, which I could also do through UVU. I think I could get all of this done in 2012. It's just how to pay for it all. I could work at UVU and we could get the benefits and free tuition? But I'd have to be working full time, and I don't think I could work full time and do class full time. Ugh.

Decision decisions. Keeps life exciting right!


  1. Kimeree1/26/2011

    You silly girl. You can always be a mommy and do so many wonderful things. Get your masters if it makes you happy. You have so many years to have kids. And once their here, they are here! If it is meant to be the Lord will provide a way. He always does. Oh and just when you think you have life all planned out is when it throws you a curve ball. Good luck! Love YA!

  2. Money sucks. Good luck on the decision. The lord will provide.

  3. Mands! That is crazy! But I know you will make the right decision. And whoever tells you that moms/wives shouldn't get masters degree can come have a little chat with me.

  4. Amanda you amaze me!
    If you want something bad enough you can get it! You are so determined and have so much going for you. Mommy time will come, but if you have this desire to get your masters then DO IT! I support you all the way. You have made it this far, know that God will help you accomplish that which your heart truly desires.
    I love you!


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