5000 minutes of our time to win...nothing.

I guess minute to win it is a no go. :( They told us they had everything worked out ready to go, they just kept asking us to send videos of us talking, playing games, etc. They told us they'd let us know our flight info yesterday, but don't worry, they never contacted us! Boo. We are bummed. But it's ok. Because I have SOOO much school work, Breton has a school dance, and derek couldn't come. So maybe it's for the better. But we were really excited to be on minute to win it. And a little frustrated that they had us do all of that, and then couldn't even tell us they changed their minds? They just left us hanging. JERKS.

I edited a picture of minute to win it, but apparently it doesn't like it so when I save it, it saves the original version.
I still love minute to win it and I still want to be on the show someday.

I also love Ellen DeGeneres. She's hilarious. I've come up with some additions to my bucketlist the past couple days.

I wanna go to a live Ellen show. Another Rascal Flatts Concert. And a Michael Buble concert. And like running. I'm going to try to learn to like running when it gets warmer.


  1. Hey how about I go on the Ellen show with you? She is so funny, I love her! Oh and when you learn to love running can I know your secret, I too want to learn to love running too! How about we learn to love running and then do the Disneyland marathon?

  2. haha I love the part about running :) I have decided that I will like running when it gets warmer as well. lol. I cant get myself to exercise when its FREEZING outside. I would love to join you for the Rascal Flatts Concert and Michael Bubble...oh man I would be in Heaven! :)

  3. I will go to Ellen with you!!


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