A Minute to Win how much?!

Crazy but true...
I'm gonna be on minute to win it!!!!!
(if we pass boot camp)

All my aunts and cousins took our yearly girls trip to Cali this year.
We do a game show every year.
We did minute to win it this year!
It was a blast.
Because we had 23 people, they asked if we wanted a picture with Guy(the host).
Of course!!

Later they came and asked us if we'd like to be interviewed to be on the show.
Of course!!!!!

Well, to make a long story short, they liked my mom and I.
We were freaking out.
They left us with, "We will show your interview to the exec producers and let you know what they say. Boot camp is next(this) Thursday through Saturday and it will be all day every day. While waiting for the call, we need you to read and fill out these HUGE packets and get your doctors signature."

Last night they called, and said, we actually want your whole family!!!
So exciting.
So tonight we are skyping with NBC, then hopefully flying out tomorrow night for the 3 day Boot Camp, flying home sunday morning, then hopefully flying back out for the actual show either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

We're praying for the $1,000,000.
I've never seen it done.
I've only seen $50,000.
But I've only seen 2 shows. :p
And 50,000 split 8 ways, after 30% taxes.....
It's the experience that will be the greatest!


  1. OH my gosh! Im freaking out for you. THATS SO COOL. Mitch and I love that show. Keep us updated!

  2. Hokey smokes!?! Way to be a Phelps, Amanda! Brian and I will be rooting for you!

  3. Okay that is the coolest thing ever hope you guys get it!

  4. we love that show! let us know when you'll be on!!

  5. Amanda this is the COOLEST!!! I hope you guys get on! I love you so much! I want to see the picture with the host!:) love you!


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