Nursery is so BANG fun

I got a new calling a few weeks ago.




I was so excited. It's a blast. I love those little kids. It's right in my major too. Kids, that is.

Today was a rowdy day for the kids though. All of their energy was feeding off of each other. But kids will be kids, and they are as cute as ever!

Now to the weird title...

I'm trying bangs!
I can't decide if I look 12 years old, like a dog, or if they are ok.
I think I like them! I needed something different.

Derek is pushing for my lighter brown hair again.
I decided to just get a cut this time and wait till this summer to highlight.

School starts tomorrow. :/
I can't decide if I'm nervous or excited.
It's going to be a busy, but good semester.
This semester, I'm adding a few things.

Volunteering at Primary Childrens
(This will hopefully help in getting the Child Life Specialist position when I graduate...this summer!)
working as an ASL ordinance worker in the temple.

I can't wait!! It will be a good semester.

And for my sweet husband...
Oh you know, he's just taking 21 credits. No big deal....


  1. I like the bangs! Working in Nursery is fun...Neil and I both had that calling together I think they were trying to make us baby hungry or something lol. Good Luck with school this semester you will do great:)

  2. Love the bangs! I am really considering cutting mine.

  3. I just super love you guys!! The bangs are rockin, girl! And that is SO SO cool about being an ASL ordinance worker, go Amanda! Good luck this semester, way jealous that you are graduating. =] K love you bye!

  4. Amanda! I lOVE LOVE the bangs. I have been tempted but I dont know if I could pull them off, but you sure do well. I bet the Nursery kids just LOVE you! Good luck in School tomorrow!
    Love you <3


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