The turkey is good here too

This was our thanksgiving dinner view.
This pool is the biggest circular pool in the world!
The dessert bar was delicious.

These mini chocolate cakes had gold sparkles on them!

This Thanksgiving holiday is being spent in Newport Beach with Derek's family.
It's BEAUTIFUL here. The Thanksgiving buffet was DELICIOUS.
The weather is perfect.
The company is great.
I'm definitely not missing the cold.
I love it!
But.....I am missing one thing.
This is the first Thanksgiving without my family.
I missed them lots yesterday!
Three things that would have made Thanksgiving perfect:

1: My family also being there.
2: I could have done without the throwing up bug yesterday.
3: My mom's rolls and cooking also at the buffet table.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Walker Fam!

Hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


  1. Amanda you are so cute! I am so glad that you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I love you!

    P.s. I love how you keep changing your background! ha its cute!

  2. so jealous looks like you had a blast! Cant wait to see you guys!! btw I love your new header :)


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