Birthdays and getting festive!

My eye's decided to get a little festive and add a little more red to the holiday season.

Yes, I'm ok and nothing is wrong. :p
This is the never ending question when my yearly pink eye shows up.

I'm loving the Christmas season!
Derek and I got our Christmas ShOpPiNg done for each other up in Park City!
Now the question is, what to get for our families?!

For Derek's birthday, I surprised him and we stayed in Park City for the night!
It was SO FUN! And yes, he was VERY surprised.
He thought we were going to be performing in Savior of The World that night.
And if you've talked to him, you know how much he LOVES that. ;)
We had a BLAST.

We relaxed for a bit,
went shopping at the outlets,

had dinner at Cafe Rio

Watched a little
went to the pool and hot tub

did a little homework

and loved every minute of being with just each other.
I wish I would have taken better pictures.
Here is the video of him being surprised.
He was blindfolded, and thought for sure we were going ice skating. :)

Hope you are are all having a wonderful Christmas Season!


  1. #1- Your eyes look sooo painful. Im so sorry I hate pink eye.. my eyes are itching now :)

    #2- Love your cute little surprise for Derek. How fun!

    #3- I loved that you blindfolded him.

  2. Amanda I hope that your eyes feel better! That is no fun!

    Your blog layout is ADORABLE!!! once again! always a success!

    And I love that you surprized Derek! What a good little wifey you are!

    Love you!!


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