Let's Make a Deal is finally here!

Airing today at 1:00 PM is the ultimate Let's Make a Deal.

* Starring my amazing cousin, champion of the gameshow, and overachiever, The Holly Phelps

I'm quite nervous to watch myself, I'll be honest. I was over the top. My cousin Alicia and I decided to be extreme together. She better have lived up to her word. Ugh I'm nervous.

Such good memories though. The adrenaline I'm sure will all come rushing back through me. Woo! Go Wayne Brady! (I remember thinking I was at a Wayne Brady concert when he walked out. I forgot that we weren't supposed to treat him like Elvis. Everyone clapping, and I.....screaming and throwing my arms at him. I just know it already....I made a fool of myself.

Gameshows are the best!!


  1. cuuuute lil clown =)

  2. so i went online and watched it...you are too cute love the clown outfit:)


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