Cali comes to a close...

Cali was amazing! I had such a good time. Many great memories were created, and spending time with family and good friends is always wonderful. Sea World was was the bomb, as always. Clyde and Seamore are still my favorite friends at Sea World. They're so funny! I have the show memorized, but I still laugh and have the smile of an ecstatic 4 year old on my face. We made it home Saturday. Here a few random pictures of memories on the trip.

Burying Haley at the beach.
Beautiful sunset
Brynn Naylor (cousin) and crippled Hannah from her surgery.

Hannah and I figured out that we can blow a bubble from both ends! She blows a bubble, I pop it from the other end, make sure my mouth covers the hole, and blow. I'm sure many of you are saying ew....she's my sister. It was cool ok? Get over it. Haha.

Playing kickball.
My favorite SeaWorld show!

Saturday I was able to spend the night with girlfriends only which was quite nice. I went to Lindsey Rhodes reception. She looked beautiful. Her and Nate Newman make a cute couple. Then all the girls went to Jess's apt. We always take votes on who will be next to get married. Christine's wedding is coming up which is so crazy. They voted me next! Yikes. I vote I'll be last. Jk. Who knows. When the right person comes around, they come around! The picture below is when all of us friends went to look at Christine's wedding dress! It's so crazy we're old enough to be married!

It's such an interesting time of life. Friends are getting married, leaving for missions, coming home from missions, some have passed away, some are accomplishing amazing things and traveling the world, and some doing nothing with their lives. Last year, I was still in play mode. "School's not that important. Life's a breeze. My life's so hard. Me gain ten pounds? Never! I can learn to cook when I'm married. I'm always right." Boy was I wrong about every single one of those things. School is so important to me. Everyone has their trials for a reason. There is so much to learn from trials! Now, when hard times come up, it's a battle. I won't let down. I am going to keep doing my best and win, and really try to learn what Heavenly Father wants me to learn from this. I'm nowhere near perfect, but I now understand the importance of prayer and personal scripture study. These 2 things are crucial especially during hard times. Yes....I gained a few lbs last year. I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and not exercise forever. My mother always told me, and fine, I'll admit it. Mom's are usually right. USUALLY. Not always. ;) I am learning to love cooking. The past couple months I have enjoyed cooking, but only desserts. I burn almost everything I make. Darn ADD. I forget I'm cooking something right after I put it in the oven. I asked Santa for a cook book for Christmas. I'm going to start cooking healthy dinners, and not always just desserts! Yay!

School starts Wednesday. I definitely needed that break. I'm ready for the new semester. Here I come school!

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  1. Oh Amamda I Love You! Stay positive and The Lord has a plan! Keep to your goals I promise it will be worth it:) Glad you had fun on your trip to Cali I so should of gone, okay promise to self, I am going next time no matter what!


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