What does the year 2010 bring?

I was talking with my good friend melissa a couple weeks ago, and we were both saying how we feel like 2010 has a lot in store. We have no clue what, but we are both excited to make it a good year.

I used to say I wish I could see the future.

I've changed my mind.

My friend Kandance once posted this quote on our private friend blog. "Never doubt an unknown future to a known God." I think that's what it was. That gave me so much comfort. I was worrying too much about the small things.

I've also noticed that I am much more patient and at peace with the decisions I'm making, when I'm staying close to the Savior. I have been good at reading scriptures and saying prayers everyday for a while now. I think I deserve bragging rights cause it was so hard for me for a long time. Haha. I've worked hard for that habit!

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