Resolutions for 2010. For reals this year.

This is it. It's time to publicly state my 2010 resolutions. Every year I have set goals, but not with the same desire I have now. Here they are...

-Have a baby
-Make it to church at least 3 times a month

Gotcha! Sorry, dumb joke. I just wanted to see who would believe those.

Let me tell you a story...

I was writing a paper for Ethics and Values a while back, and I was assigned to answer some questions in the paper.

The question that got me thinking..."List 5 things you've accomplished in the past year."

My answer.................................................NOTHING!!!!! I eventually came up with things that were all really dumb, but after thinking about everything I haven't accomplished, I was really motivated to do so much better in life. I honestly could be doing so much with my life!!

So here are some things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Get my Associates Degree finished. I have one class left and it's math. Therefore I've been putting it off a long time.

2. Learn to cook WELL.

3. Learn a new skill (knitting, sewing, photography, etc.)

4. Read the Book of Mormon more intently than I ever have. To help me accomplish this, I'm taking a Book of Mormon institute class. I'm also taking Preparing for Eternal Marriage, and a Sign Language religion class.

5. Pray EVERY day. I am pretty good at remembering to pray, but occasionally I'll fall asleep watching a movie and have forgotten that morning or something. I will not miss a day this year.

6. Attend the temple EVERY week. No excuses.

7. This last semester I worked on doing an act of service every week. I missed many weeks. I really want to do better this year. Last year, my testimony of service grew so much. To be truly happy, I learned that you need to be thinking of others often. I made a goal that if I was going to ask someone how they are doing, I was really going to mean it, and actually listen to their answer. Something so small made such a big difference.

8. I am so terrible at exercising. I was in great shape in high school because of volleyball, then college came along...... I haven't really gained any weight, but I don't feel in shape, and I know my metabolism is going to slow down so bad someday so I need to get into the habit of exercising now! So my roommates and I have set a goal to exercise at LEAST 3 times a week! I'm going to look Jillian Michaels this time next year! Ok, maybe not so extreme. I just want to feel good and be healthy so I can live to be a great great grandma. Ok that was a little extreme also.

9. No more playing around when it comes to school. I really want to do good from here on out. I usually do fine, but I want to pass a test having studied for it so I have information that sticks with me, instead of just taking tests off of common sense.

10. I am the gospel doctrine teacher in my ward. I was called the beginning of last summer. I almost cried when Bishop Rigby popped the question. I said to him..."Bishop do you know how old I am? I am practically the youngest person in the ward....AKA.....the dumbest person in the ward......AKA.....I can't teach a ward about the gospel when I don't even understand it all myself!" His faith in me gave me so much confidence and faith in myself. I have grown to love the calling. I got into a bad habit though of preparing my lesson right before, during sacrament meeting. BUT....now we are onto the old testament this semester. UH OH!!!! I'm toast. I really am so scared. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the old testament. Does this make me a bad person? I am making a goal for myself this semester to put a lot more effort into my lessons and truly read and pray about what to teach. A talk given during last general conference was on callings. I had some questions I had prayed about before conference and all were answered so specifically. Prayer is such an amazing thing.

Today is fast sunday. I'm so excited for church.

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  1. Can I just say how much I LOVE YOU! How PROUD I am of YOU! And how AMAZING you are!! Oh, I think I just did :)


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