Today I'm feeling grateful that my sweetheart involves me in all of his schooling. Tonight he is so very sleepy after a long day of hard work. Isn't he cute when he sleeps?

I am so flattered when he asks if he can practice his presentation in front of me. Or if I can read through a paper. Or talk through an idea for a project with him. It makes me feel respected and valued.

I sometimes catch myself feeling jealous and wishing I could be the one in school. But I know we are a team. We couldn't do this without each other. He has worked so hard to be able to build a good future for our family. He studies so hard, is always learning, and is so determined. What 23(almost 24!!) year old has served a 2 year mission, gotten a bachelors degree, and is almost done with their Master's Degree? Smarty pants.

He is the epitome of focus, hard work, and dedication. I sure love that boy and am so grateful for his hard work and willingness to include me in all of his studies.

This is what the city looked like today. It was a complete blizzard. As beautiful as it is, I hope that those without power and homes were able to keep warm. I'm so grateful we were able to come home, turn on the heater, and snuggle up to Modern Family.

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  1. That last picture is beautiful and humbling when you think of all the people still without power. I love your ode to your hubby. It's wonderful to sit back at times and think of how amazing it is to have a teammate and helpmeet. We could not do such things without each other.


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