Sisters and friends

Major picture overload and serious lovin' going on over here today.
You know you love it.

16: I'm so grateful for 4 beautiful sisters. They are all such good examples to me of what girls and women stand for.

Brynn's passion and love for things is beautiful. She feels so deeply and loves so deeply. Everyone (boys especially) that knows her falls in love with her. I admire her respect for herself. She doesn't feel like she needs to be like other people. She is her own person and that is what everyone loves so much about her. She has the most gorgeous curly hair. And that natural beauty. My goodness. One of my favorite things about "The three little girls" is they are so natural, naturally beautiful, and don't try to be like other people. They are so real, fun, have the best personalities, and are loved by everyone because of these things. We have some seriously good times when we're all together. There is never a quiet moment cause we all have too much to say to each other.

Haley is totally herself and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She holds strong to her values and is so good. She is the smartest thing there ever was. She loves learning, has the prettiest long blonde hair, the most precious beautiful freckles all over that cute face, and has an awesome laugh. She laughs so easily too making her too fun to be around. The older she gets, the funner she gets. We talked on the phone about the silliest nonsense the other day for quite some time and I reflected on it for quite some time. Sure love that girl.

And a perfect "blonde" picture...

Hannah is just too fun. And boy does that girl have good sense of fashion. And she definitely doesn't get it from me, because if you look even just a year back on Facebook or this blog and you will know very well that I haven't had the best fashion sense. **No need to really go look back for reference. Just believe me. We're trying to leave those days behind us. We're working on it. Hannah is the craftiest most talented little lady I've ever seen. If you have a baby girl, you must take a little looksy through all of the fun things she sells. I am dying to have a little girl to accessorize in Hannah's talent. She is also so much fun to be around. And has the loveliest longest leanest legs you've ever seen. Lucky girl. Wow, lot's of L's. She is also SO good with kids. All kids love her and are drawn to her. What a natural mommy. She'll be my number one babysitter. 

Mckenna is the best sister in law. So glad she's now stuck with me. She is so kind and fun. And so giving. She is always so nice to let me borrow things I have forgotten when we stay there. So glad to have a sister to share stuff with finally! She's my favorite singing pal. We have so much fun singing around the piano. And thanks to my MIL's piano talent we can enjoy singing together. Mckenna is a musical theatre wonder. We have had so many good laughs together. Especially thinking back to our sleepover days when Derek and I were engaged and we would stay up talking late at night. Or sometimes she'd just stay up talking and laughing to herself while I slept. ;) Funny stories behind that one. Sure love that girl and am so glad she's my sister.

I'm also so glad that all of my sisters can be such good friends. My sisters love Mckenna. We all feel like sisters and it makes me so happy. Love those girls. Some more sister pics.

After some crying :) Can't believe how young everyone looks.

So posed, but everyone all together. I'm thinking this Christmas we need to take some pictures.

Sisters + mom and Yujin.

17: I'm grateful for good friends. I don't know where I'd be without them. I went through some pretty funny stages throughout Junior High and High School. I moved to Utah mid-JH and my number one goal was to fit in and be cool. I was immediately drawn to and accepted into the "popular group" which I wouldn't say was the most uplifting group to be a part of. I finally broke away and made some uplifting, good friends. I honestly would say 9th grade was my all time favorite year of school. We had the funnest group of friends. Then we all went to high school and made new friends, but were still friends. I then transitioned through a few different groups of friends. Still "friends" with all of them but didn't stay as close as I wish I would have. It then came to be my Junior year and cliques and close groups were forming and I was more concerned about making sure everyone had a friend than I was about fitting into a certain group, until I realized how important close friends were. I became close friends with the sweetest group of girls, most of which are currently out on missions. So proud of those girls and love them all so much. Some are moms, some are business women, and most are missionaries. They are all doing such good things with their lives. I miss them all dearly, but love the time that we get to be together.

I also don't know who I'd be without my old roommates. Moving off to college, learning to live with lots of girls, working, going to school, and dating is all a lot to make someone crazy and roommates get the best worst of the craziness. They were always such good examples to me. I sure love them and am grateful for them in my life. We have so many great memories.

And of course two of my non-high school best friends in the whole world Kaitlin and Yujin. They are like my sisters and I love them dearly. I don't where I'd be without them.

High School friends weekend getaway.



  1. SO MANY good memories!!! I miss those times! Love ya, Mands!

    1. I STILL haven't called you back. But I was thinking today it would be so fun to get together over Christmas. Thoughts?

  2. I'm confident I can speak for all of us "high school friends" in saying, WE LOVE YOU MANDS!

    1. I have THE best friends. And I'm so happy YOU miss Kands are a best friend. I love you!!

  3. Ahh Amanda I love love this post! I actually was just talking about you to my mom! I am so thankful for you and your friendship! You have ALWAYS been there for me! I can't wait to play in NY!! :) love you SO Much! <3

    1. Love you more! Counting down the days!!


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