Calorie...I mean, Conference Weekend.

This weekend has been, might I say, almost too good to be true. I've had the baking bug, been inspired by these speakers, had the joy of professional musicians in our home, and had lots of snuggle time with my Mr.

We enjoyed far too many treats the last few days....thanks to my itch to bake. Conference morning we enjoyed some yummy french toast + homemade buttermilk syrup of which I was honored to accept the compliment of, "This is better than Kneaders!" from our nice guests. 

Between Sunday sessions we headed out for a little photo shoot on the island.

Another delicious treat to join our weekend was pumpkin cookies with yummy icing drizzled on top. I'm so bummed I didn't get a picture of the pretty things. I need to start sharing these yummy recipes with you! 

My fall favorites are pumpkin soup, pumpkin cookies, and hot chocolate(with almond milk of course).

What are some of your fall favorites? Do you too get the itch to cook and bake this time of year?



  1. One of my top favorite fall recipes is pumpkin pie cake! It's like it sounds...haha pumpkin pie in cake form. Amazing! I also never commented but we have been drinking almond milk for almost 3 years now. LOVE IT! It especially was nice that I already was drinking it when we found out Jayden was allergic to the dairy I was eating. One less thing I had to cut.

    Love your blog :)

  2. Okay now I want to make pancakes just so I can have that syrup! I too have gotten the baking bug always do this time of year but having a little helper who would rather play makes it hard to bake. Loved this last weekend though. Cute photos from your photo shoot I so need to practice more with my camera!

  3. You guys are the most darling people ever :)

  4. I love Calorie weekend! YUUMM!!
    You look gorgeous as always!

    Yes... you should share your recipes! that syrup sounds divine especially if people comapir it to the amazing kneaders!

  5. Great pics of both of you!

  6. I love chowders, homemade bread and gingersnaps. I also enjoyed the weekend. It was our first time as a family hanging out completely at home and completely by ourselves. It turned out to be much more successful that I had hoped with three busy little bodies.


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