Sunday, a day of rest? No such thing.

Sundays aren't such a restful day here in New York.
I am waving my arm and teaching kids songs for the last two hours of church, it takes us almost an hour of commuting each way thanks to weekend subway construction, and the day usually ends in blisters on my feet. After church we often have other errands that have to be run in downtown Manhattan since that's the only day of the week we are down that way, Derek sometimes has to give the sacrament to people in their home, sometimes I have meetings, and an occasional Trader Joes shopping trip is a must if we want food the next week. When we finally make it home almost 6 hours later, I'm pooped and don't often feel all gung-ho about making a fancy Sunday dinner. 

So I pondered some ways to make it feel a little more like a day of rest.
Last Sunday, I made sure my lesson was prepared before Sunday morning, I woke up early enough to not be rushing out the door, I turned on some Sunday music while getting ready, and made D some tea in bed. I was so much happier. I'm excited to rekindle our sunday traditions someday.

After church, we took our time and stopped by the Highline.
The Highline is an elevated park that used to be train tracks. It runs for almost 20 blocks. It was beautiful. I was so sad I didn't have the camera. I think I need to go back.

Don't mind my crazy eye.

One of my new favorite things is stopping by different churches in the city. They are all so beautiful.
Always wanting to hold hands. So so precious.
I'm prepared for the lashing. I listened to Christmas music and made Christmasy muffins. And it was so worth it.
Late night grocery shopping trip to Trader Joes. #traderjoesshouldbepayingmewithallthisravingidoaboutthem

What are some things you do to make Sunday a day of rest?



  1. While we have church at 9 am we take a nap after. I love it! We also have a Sunday tradition of America's Funniest Home Videos (only time tv is on, on Sundays). The boys love it.
    I definitely think you need to go back and take pictures of the Highline. I actually read about it not too long ago in a magazine and it sounded really cool. I'm jealous you got to be on it!

  2. We LOVE America's Funniest Home Vidoes. How fun!


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