Do you ever wake up and forget what yesterdays cry was about? Well I can describe last night in 3 letters.

P. M. S.

I'm not too familiar with being crabby for a certain period of time every month, but it gave me (and poor Derek) and good slap in the face last night. Derek made one innocent sarcastic comment and it was all downhill from there. I can laugh about it today, but last night was all tears and sadness.


Tip for men: Just hug her and love her when she is sad. If she says she doesn't want it or tells you to leave, she wants it, don't leave. Her feelings probably don't make sense, but love the crap out of her and it'll probably all be ok. I'm grateful for my sweet husband who helped us both get to bed happier with arms around one another.

On a happier note, today for lunch I made the yummiest brussels sprout salad. I was nervous about it, but with so many health benefits, it was worth a try, and turned out wonderfully delicious.

Isn't that beautiful? I was lucky enough to catch some great lighting for a pic.
I'm still trying to find that exercising/eating healthy motivation. With all of this traveling and having visitors to eat out with, it has been so extremely hard. Today I decided that nothing was going to stop me. Hoping tomorrow is the same story. No promises. But today went pretty good and I'm feeling MUCH happier than I was last night. ;)


  1. Love your tip for men :). That's what I tell Austin and he thinks I'm crazy! Good to know that it's not just me... haha.

  2. Haha. I love you, Mands! And if I say I understand you perfectly right now...well... :)

  3. Haha this is too great. Every time this happens to me I think "I must be crazy!". My husband probably thinks the same thing ;) it's good to know we aren't alone in this haha!!


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