On the road

Hey there! Posting from the phone here in Pennsylvania. We've made a spontaneous business trip out to some Walker properties. We surprised managers and got to see the storage facilities in the normal condition, not the "the boss is coming, hurry, make it all perfect" state. And boy did we have some surprises. We've had to kick some homeless people out from living in storage units along with dogs sleeping in customer chairs, we've been to 4 states and back in 3 days, and today we saw all of Palmyra. It's been a very eye opening, exhausting, and fun roadtrip. I love roadtrips with my man. We could talk till the moon falls from the sky. Unlike the awkward silent couple across from us at a Thai restaurant in Scranton Pennsylvania tonight. We talk about everything imaginable. About our far future and our near future. Makes me so happy and tugs at my heart strings.

I'll add some pics from the camera later. As for now, my iPhone will have to give a little palmyra update.


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  1. Crazy! Sounds like fun though (other than kicking animals and homeless people out). Palmyra is pretty. We went there and to some other places when we picked Lex up from his mission in Pennsylvania. I love that you coordinated your skirt with Derek's shoes. :)


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