First ever VLOG post!

Are you ready for this??
Yes, we seriously just made a video. We actually have made multiple but never posted them for fear you'll never return. Jk. Kind of.

Before you watch, I want to quickly explain my giant earrings. Got them from a sweet african woman who helped us out in Brooklyn today. Ok, now you may proceed.

Are you still here? I hope you still love us. 

Here are a few pics we took last week when we rode the Staten Island Ferry to go check out a property for a project Derek was working on. It was SO humid so please excuse the fogginess off the pics.

Derek made a friend.

Yes, this is for real. This dude looked like he either just walked out of prison, or had escaped from prison. He was shouting, "Ah! America! The greatest country in the world!" I was scared, intrigued, and became a sudden stalker with the urge to follow him and take pictures of him. 

My in-laws and one of my BFF's Kandace are going to be in town this week. I CAN'T WAIT!!



  1. Okay very impressive Derek! You guys are too cute!

  2. Ha!! I really, really enjoyed that. =] Love you two!

  3. I watched all 3 minutes of it Derek...and was wishing it was 5!! No editing next time;) I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time! Love you guys!

    PS. You just lost your "colored audience" by calling them "sketch" ;0

  4. Puget Sound is the body of water that Seattle is situated on or next to or around etc.


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