Where'd my motivation run off to?

So like way back when (like 3 months ago) I was superwoman. I decided to run a half marathon, trained like a mad woman, ate crazy healthy, was lookin' good, feelin' good, and was so proud of myself. I thought, this is it for sure. This is the beginning of my healthy life and there's no end to it. Well about a month into training, we went to Utah. I ran a couple of times in Utah and about died because of the elevation, I ate crap (cafe rio, hires big h, kfc, pantry packed with treats, etc) and I thought I'd get right back to where I left off. 

3 months later here I sit...
Totally untrained, eating whatever the heck I feel like, and wondering why a big strong wave of motivation hasn't washed over me like it usually does every month or so.

Derek and I have talked a lot recently about motivation. Our dear Zen Habits friend talks about motivation. Motivation comes and goes for us all. So how do we push through the times we don't feel so motivated? Well he reminds us that these times don't usually last long if we just continue on through them and keep up our good habits. But it's SO HARD! 

The greatest advice I've ever heard was, "If you need to do something, do it!" Don't wait. Just do it. I think about this all the time. Why is it so hard to shut the computer, roll out of bed, put down my book, and go run? I just need to stop putting it off and do it. 

So I have my new training schedule printed off, and tomorrow is my start. I'm nervous since I'm still not sure where my motivation has run off to (I feel so extremely unmotivated), but I'm going to "Just do it". I'm going to run those few miles, I'm going to make that salad instead of just eating cereal and cinnamon coffee bread for the convenience . I'm going to apply for that job instead of distracting myself with a book, the Olympics, or Facebook.

My last question. Why is it when I finally decide to do a half marathon it seems like everyone and their dog decide to do one too? It makes my goal to run one seem so much less significant! I guess I need to find some more loser friends instead of like really cool motivated ones. Jk, but seriously. My friends are awesome.

And speaking of awesome, TODAY WAS AWESOME. Derek and I walked our little hearts out until late into the night. I love being out and about with my best friend. We have way too much fun when we are together. After a stressful and long summer, it was nice to not think about anything but each other. We visited friends, ventured to Queens, Central Park, and Lincoln Center. We talked each others ears off, laughed our little hearts out, and felt like a young newlywed couple again. Sometimes when life gets busy you need some of that. I even get $100 for following through with a dare to Sing Old MacDonald at the top of my lungs in the middle of the city. He should have learned by now that I WILL follow through with dares. YOLO. But really, $100 doesn't mean much because it's my money too, and I'd rather save it than spend it. Oo maybe I'll trade it for a back massage or something.

On our way to church. And don't ask how you take candid pictures of yourself but I swear to you that at least one of these is candid. 

This is for real. I am so spoiled! I had just painted my fingernails when I decided I wanted to paint my toenails too. But I couldn't take my nail polish off my toes without and chance of ruining my fingernails. I had a serious dilemma on my hands. Serious enough to ask Derek to take it off. He was the sweetest. "What has happened to my manhood? I'm doing my wife's toenails, while watching women's basketball(olympics), and spent last month watching the bachelorette?!" HILARIOUS. I was dying.

This is what the sky looked like last night. Times Square lighting up the night sky. Drooling over this site.


  1. Love your post! And you! And Derek! Miss you lots! You shouldn't keep posting things like this or you will get nonstop company haha

  2. Jayden gives me a pedicure every month! He spoils me and massages my feet and paints my toe nails. It is awesome. I love your dare, that would have been really funny to see :)

  3. My motivation flew out the window a few weeks ago as well.. I did so good for a few weeks, ran every night/ate healthy/lost some weight and then I hit a wall. I need to get my motivation back real fast! I feel so much better about my self and my moods are so much better when I am being healthy. I will start today as well, we can encourage each other! I follow a calorie counter on my phone called Myfitnesspal, what do you do?

    1. I feel like it's a pattern that I can't get out of! I do great, then crash, then great, then crash. It's like once i'm feeling good I get too confident and feel like I can eat whatever, but all the weight shows back up 2 weeks later. I haven't done a calorie counter cause it was overwhelming to me. Haha. Is Myfitnesspal pretty easy to use? I use SportsTracker for my runs. I love it. Except sometimes I'll run the same path and one time it'll say I went a mile and others .75. So who knows how accurate it really is. ;) Do you have a good gps tracker you use for running?

    2. I have used Mapmyrun.. but only like once?! Maybe I should try that again. I really like Myfitnesspal, its pretty easy. The only hard part is remembering to enter all you eat. I love that you can scan bar codes and enter in restaurants. Another cool thing about Myfitnesspal is that we can be friends on there and encourage eachother! As far as a playlist goes... I have my songs on my phone but lately I have been really sick of them! So I have been trying to save my data and use Pandora's workout mix to run to.

    3. Also, with Myfitnesspal you can add in your exercises and it will reflect them with your calories. I swear I should be paid for the advertising I am doing for them :) I have been doing the elliptical all this week and watching Downton Abbey as I go :)

  4. Just to let you know I totally lost my motivation today to to work out...I usually just make myself just do it but I could not today:( I figure one day of not working out wont kill me ;) Neil watches the bachelorette with me too. I love the candid picture especially the one of you guys laughing together.

  5. If you figure out how to get your motivation let me know. I used to go through spurts and lately it's decided to take a long vacation. :) I love reading your posts and seeing what you are up to. I'm glad you're getting lots of fun in!


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