I have been

Seeing family
Seeing friends
Dying hair
Cutting hair
Staying up late into the night playing games
Cleaning the house to prepare for guests
Making food
Admiring the sky
Staying up late into the night drawing on sleeping faces
Soaking up time with the bro before Chiuaua Mexico borrows him for a couple years

I'm ready to be home and stay home for a while. Loved my travels this summer but I'm pooped.


  1. Traveling is fun. But is ALWAYS so nice to be home... Glad you had a good time!

  2. Sneaky pic Amanda... ;)

  3. HAHA!! You took a picture of Breton while he was giving his talk?! Haha! Oh, Manda, you're hilarious! And that is a weird picture of me:) Guess what, next I'm dyeing a chunk of my hair blue! Don't tell mom!! No, really, don't:)

  4. Hey! and you should look at our new blog, practically made for you so you won't miss anything we do here in UT! http://www.the3littlegirls.blogspot.com/ :)


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