we're gonna be on TV + the overly excited easter bunny

Ever wanna just kick yourself?!
I just wrote a whole long post and lost it. Darn it all.

We had such a great weekend! The Easter Bunny came! Did he come to your house? The Easter Bunny (possibly myself) was so excited she even set her alarm for 2 AM to wake up, put out treats placed so carefully, and hid 18 eggs throughout the apartment. She was so careful to not wake the sleeping Derek. The bunny even left a cute little note to leave on his nightstand. She hopes the Mr will be so thrilled and happy to see we weren't forgotten. He's a man for goodness sake! A man with allergies! Why would I ever think he'd be so excited to get out of bed to see if the Easter Bunny came and to have to hunt the so carefully hidden eggs when he could be sleeping? I DON'T KNOW. Cause he sure wasn't.


Terrible picture quality. Sorry!

Doesn't he look so thrilled to be posing for a picture in front of pink blossoms?

I am feeling SO blessed to be here in NYC. This is the chance of a lifetime. It has been a very hard but great experience. One of the things I love most are the views. The fact that I can go jogging and have THIS be my view? I took this picture(below) last night. I jogged to the lighthouse, sat on the stone wall, dangled my feet over the water, and just thought. Thought about my life, my relationship with Derek, and reminded myself that the little things don't matter in life. We are very blessed.

PS...some exciting things are happening! I met with Kimberly Launier from abc 20/20 news this morning. I was given a tour of the studio, and chatted away with cute Kim. She was so fun to talk to. Derek and I are to be filmed sometime this week, with the story airing Friday! So fast and sudden! For those who didn't see on Facebook... Kimberly found our wedding proposal on YouTube and has decided to include us in an airplane romance story. We are so lucky and excited!!


  1. Wow! That's so awesome! Let us know when it will be aired so we can watch. It looks like you guys had a fun Easter!

  2. Okay I am so excited for you cannot wait to see it on Friday...yoj are so cute Amanda...I can't wait to come visit you, I am asking for a plane ticket to NYC for my Birthday hopefully I will get it:)

  3. That's awesome! I'll have to watch on Friday (what time?).

  4. YOU'RE GONNA BE ON TV!!! Ahh!!!

  5. Hahahaha that is exactly how Trey is. Oh my gosh I did not know you were going to be on TV! COOL!

  6. Oh my...you always have the CRAZIEST things happen to you! :)

  7. I love that you went through all that trouble to be the easter bunny for your hubby! I used to send mine on treasure hunts - think I'll do that again soon. Please tell what time you'll be on TV - I would love to watch your story while I'm running at the gym that day!

  8. How exciting! I wish we had t.v., we'd watch it. You should somehow tape it and upload it!


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