The Interview

Our abc 20/20 interview is airing TONIGHT!
10:00 pm New York
9:00 pm in Utah
9:00 pm in Arizona

This has been such a fun opportunity! It was amazing to see how much work goes into a little interview. They had the nicest hotel, so many lights, cameras, people, and it was all such a blast. We loved everyone we got to work with.

They had us walk through central park and it was hilarious. We had people following us and taking pictures. We were cracking up.

Only 5 more hours! I'm nervous. I know that I'm going to overanalyze and pick at every little thing I do. And I hate how my voice sounds. Funny how that happens eh?

Happy watching! We'll be available for autographs immediately following the show. ;)
Or not cause I'm super sick. But if I weren't............heh (awkward laugh)

1 comment:

  1. So can't wait to see it! How fun that Brynn,Haley,Hannah and Hyrum got be there:)


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