Sometimes my mind thinks, and wants to do it out loud

  • I'm feeling really sentimental lately. I really should not write when I feel that way. But here I am anyways.
  • Derek is a killer cook. He made this Thai dish called Pad Thai. It was delicious!

  • We think our children (ants in ant farm) are drowning and so full. We read the directions wrong. They have seemed a little slow and miserable. Poor guys. We'll feed you less. We promise.
  • I'm still feeling a little confused and lost lately. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with my life right now. Hopefully we get good news this week we've long awaited to help out a little.
  • I made these cupcakes for a baby shower I gave to a friend. They were red velvet with cream cheese frosting and a berry freshly picked from the garden on top. I was so excited about it. I've wanted to make cute cupcakes forever. Cute right?!
  • I LOVE stripes lately
  • I have started reading normal books again since finishing school. I love being able to read!
  • I ran into my cousin yesterday who I've wanted to see for forever! She looks beautiful.
  • You know how it's easy for Mormon's to judge easily (usually judging other mormons) without knowing anything about the person? Yeah well I catch myself doing that sometimes, and I don't like it. I want to stop.
  • We went fishing again yesterday. I'm obsessed. It's so peaceful, I feel so close to God being out there on the lake while the sun is coming up, and we love that time to be able to just talk with my Dad and whoever else joins.
  • I'm excited to have kids. To dress them in cute clothes. They better wear them. Jk.
  • It was fun waking up this morning to it being light outside.
  • Conference just started. I love this weekend so much. It feels kinda like New Years every six months. I feel so inspired to be better.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I just tried pad Thai for the first time and loved it...I am sure Derek's is better though:) Mine came from a restaurant. I love the cupcake so cute! Oh and I love dressing Brecken in cute clothes...my favorite are cute tie onesies with leg warmers now that it is cool enough for him to actually ware the legwarmers:)


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