Just for the health of it

A year ago, we'd eat anything. Fast food didn't bother our minds, or our tummies one bit. It satisfied us greatly in fact. We looked forward to a quick stop by the good ol' wendy's value menu.

Today... the sound of greasy fried fast food is repulsive. We don't quite understand what changed or why, but it happened, and it's a good thing for our hearts, ourselves, each other, and our children. Sometimes I wish I didn't think so much about things I ate or didn't have so much guilt the rest of the week after enjoying a delicious burger, but it happens, so we may as well go with it, right?

Learning to eat right has been tricky. Cooking is quite the task. If any of you have tips, recipes, or advice, please share. We've been into the spinach shake deal lately. It's actually delicious. You should try it out!

Handful of frozen fruit (no sugar added)
Handful of spinach
Scoop of Whey Protein
Few spoonfuls of Natural Original Flavored Yogurt
One banana
Estimated amount of soy milk/1% milk

Before the cruise, Amanda worked up to a 5k. She was determined to get to a half marathon. The cruise interrupted all desire, motivation, and habits that were just created. So worth it though. But now she's back, in black (Pink actually), and ready to get workin' again.

D was interrupted by pneumonia, and had doctor's (wife's) orders, to rest until better. Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, he's better, and he's back, in black (white actually), and ready to get workin' again.

Our main goal is no excuses. We can come up with a million. The hardest step to take is the first one out the door, but it's all worth it. We feel so much better when we are eating right and exercising. Skinny feels better than chocolate tastes. Is that how that goes?

A special thanks to our inspiriation to take car of ourselves goes to Biggest Loser.

Wanna be healthy D & A


  1. Well aren't you two adorable. Haha

  2. I love this! Why are all my kids so funny, and I am not? :p

  3. WAY good idea guys! Nate and I have been working on the same goals!In fact, we just bought a juicer! You can juice fruits and veggies and just by drinking the juice you are doubling your fruits and veggies intake! We think this whole healthy thing is awesome :) And I love Biggest Loser too.


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